Thursday, August 28, 2008

September to November...

Here is the route I've planned to travel from September to November. I will spend about two weeks in Salvador and Praia do Forte, relaxing and catching up with old and new friends I've met there last year or via Couchsurfing. From Salvador I'll fly to Rio to enjoy the beautifull beaches, great nightlife and company of someone special ;-). Thomas, my ever faithful soul and travel mate will meet me in Rio on October 8 and from Rio we will fly up North together to Fortaleza, then by bus to Sao Luis... and I'm sure by the time we'll arrive there Thomas will have come up with many more ideas where to go ;-). From Sao Luis I will have to continue on my own again (sniff sniff...) to Belem, Manaus... and from there on to Panama. In Manaus I hope to meet Geovanny, a Couchsurfing friend from Ecuador.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Countdown is On!

The countdown is down to a single digit! On September 3rd I will finally fly to Salvador da Bahia to start my backpacking trip of 5 months.

One wise man (was it Lao Tzu?) once said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - and he was right. But before that crucial single step can be made a lot of paperwork and preparation has to be done first ;-) But maybe in Lao Tzu's lifetime people didn't have so many gym contracts, mobile phones and internet providers and didn't need that many vaccinations and insurances ;-)

Anyway, 9 days left and one of the last points on my 'check-list' was setting up this blog. Many of you asked me to keep you up-dated on my plans and my route. Some of you are or will be traveling in South America as well and we'll hopefully meet up somewhere.

And yes, some wonderfull people even offered to host me on my trip! I'm especially looking forward to meeting all you great people from and this blog should help us stay in contact and coordinate our plans. I have already received so much help, support and information from you guys - I'm sure that you will make this trip an unfortgettable adventure and wonderfull experience for me. Thanks in advance and so much looking forward to seeing you soon!

Last but not least, this blog will let my loved ones back home know that I have not been eaten by giant mosquitos, neither been kid-napped by the FARC nor run off with some handsome capoerista beach-boy ;-)

Now, it's time to count down... 9...8...7...